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Cavett Rally Motorsports Ties for 1st place on day 2.....

Hintz Bros Rally Team wins Doo Wops overall…..

Cavett Rally made a valiant effort to defend its 2005 Doo Wop series championship but came up short in the end. We were unable to get back the time lost on day one to the Hintz Brothers Rally Team who this year had a trouble free weekend. As some may recall their WRX broke on the start of the very last stage in 2005 which caused them to loose just enough time to the Cavett Rally Impreza so we could capture the overall win by a scant few seconds.

 2006 Doo Wops was an event of 2nds for the CRM team of Gary Cavett and veteran co-driver Alan Perry.


2nd overall on day one

2nd fastest stage time on the Brooklyn Tavern stage

2nd overall on day two

2nd overall on the 2 day rally total

2nd in NW region driver class

2nd in open car classification

 On a positive note the CRM Impreza was fast enough to keep up with the top teams in the NW due to the replacement of the turbo prior to the event. The old unit looked as if it was used for wood chipping having about 30% of the fan blades on the intake side chewed up and missing.

We also had the 2 top stage times on day 2 on the Smith Creek Stage. For some reason the CRM Impreza likes that stage a lot. I only wish they had a top 10 list for that stage like they do on Brooklyn.

 CRM also drops its best ever time on the Brooklyn stage to 6:55 finally breaking the 7:00 barrier after 3 years of trying. The previous years times being a 7:01 and a 7:02. CRM is now listed as #11 on the all time best stage times. Next years goals will be to get under the 6:50 mark and into the top 10 all time!!