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Want to help the team???  Need an advertising tax write off???
Get your name on an extreme motorsport genre.......

Rally car racing is set to explode here in the USA. Younger people are joining the craze after seeing rally cars in video games and on television. In fact an estimated 70% of spectators at recent rallies were under the age of 30, and there are hundreds of spectators there for the event. 

With how explosive fan support for the sport has increased in the last few years we should start seeing more coverage of events on networks like the Speed Channel and Outdoor Life already have. ESPN and Fox networks also have programs at various times throughout the year that are rally related. Rally cars have already seen broadcast network coverage on commercials for Subaru, VW, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Hyundai, even Lexus has one and at this time they don't even have a rally car that has ever competed.

Send us an e-mail and we can send you a  proposal with your company logo on it and get in on the ground floor of this (new to the USA) sport.

  Partial sponsorships are available as well if there are budget constraints.

For less than what it costs for a racing weekend in other series I can race a full year in the USA and Canada.


 Gary Cavett

Cavett Rally Motorsports

           Here are our current sponsors for 2006

subaru parts dot com

k&n filters

competition clutch

motorsport dot com

foreign engines inc



Many thanks to Perforce a 3 event primary sponsor in 2005

perforce software